I choose fiber to reference a way of knowing, a comfort connected to my familiarity with cloth and the lasting impression cloth has had in my life. Sari silk speaks to the array of unashamed vibrancy of the saris worn by the women in my life and the epigenetic weight this fiber carries. My work is rooted in identity and includes four overarching frameworks: weight, waveform, sound, and grid. Using these enables me to reflect on the properties of the physical world, the fields of energy within and around us, our connections to each other and nature, and how we affect one another.

Weight has to do with the law of gravity and the understanding that every particle in the universe is governed by it. Emotional weight is generational, where trauma has carryover, it encompasses related restrictions, and the desire to release this. Waveform pattern reflects the reverberation of energy and warping of space with interactions of all forms of energy that take up space. Sound is a waveform, it mimics the vibratory nature of reality where one can find their original pulse and connect back to nature. The grid, for me, is a universal structure, where everything is interrelated and housed. I am interested in the order the grid provides, the interconnected compartments, the space we take up, and the space in between.

I create nets, objects, paper quilts, and fiber paintings interconnecting fragments by pinning and draping them together. This process mirrors my identity and extends to the larger context considering the interconnectivity and power dynamics of social, political, and ecological relationships.